Spend 30 Seconds of Your Time RIGHT NOW to Push for a Statewide Fracking Ban in NY!

Reposted from WeArePowerShift.org; Written by Laura Smith, State Focal Point for the Green Umbrella: NY Youth for a Just and Sustainable Future

With individual cities banning fracking across New York state–most recently Syracuse and Albany!–we need to continue pressuring Governor Cuomo more than ever for a statewide ban.

There is something easy you can do RIGHT NOW to help pressure Governor Cuomo to ban fracking, which will take less than a minute of your time: post this video on Governor Cuomo’s Facebook pages.

Made by the Green Umbrella media team, this video addresses Governor Cuomo, urging him to ban fracking in New York and take real steps in directing the state towards a greener future–one which works for everyone, and doesn’t put the water, health, and economy of millions of New Yorkers at risk, all for the dirty profits of Big Oil and Big Gas. We’re letting him know that young people are standing united to demand a green economy and future, and we’re asking him to join us.

Cuomo has two Facebook pages (post it on both!):


In Solidarity,
The Green Umbrella: NY Youth for a Just and Sustainable Future


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