Cornell Students #Divest Fossil Fuels With Teach-In and Solidarity Action with #ICDivest

Written by Mary Schellentrager, Divestment Campaign Coordinator, Energy Action Coalition; Reposted from

Cornell’s KyotoNOW is mobilizing their campus to divest from the Sordid 16 group of the worst fossil fuel companies, building student power to move their Board of Trustees to divest.

Since the fall semester started, Cornell Divest has been gathering petition signatures, held a teach-in on divestment, and will be seeking offical endorsement from their Student Assembly.

The teach-in was co-led by KyotoNOW students, Dan Apfel from Responsible Endowments Coalition, and Mary Schellentrager from Energy Action Coalition.

“KyotoNOW student organizers are planning out their campaign to take on the fossil fuel industry and ensure that Cornell’s investments are in line with its commitments to sustainability” said KC Alvey, Green Umbrella Organizer and alumnus of Cornell.

Photo Credits: K.C. Alvey

Cornell Divest also supported fellow Green Umbrella students at Ithaca College yesterday during IC’s rally outside of their Board of Trustee Meeting for Fossil Fuel Divestment, holding signs that read “Solidarity from Cornell.”

The divestment movement in New York’s momentum is strong and growing every day!  Congratulations to our hardworking comrades at both Cornell and Ithaca College.

Photo Credit: Emily Wilson


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