14.4 Million Against Extreme Weather

Cornell and IC Students to "Do The Math" event & concert featuring Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein 

14.4 million

That’s how many undergraduate students are currently enrolled in college in the U.S.–plus another 2.1 million graduates. 14.4 million represents a sizeable chunk of the decision-making power in the United States that’s realizing it’s strength more and more every day. Hurricane Sandy and record high summer temperatures act as reminders for why our generation needs to harness our power to defend our future. That’s why on November 16th KyotoNOW! is planning to send a busload of Cornellians to NYC for 350.org’s “Do The Math” tour with Bill McKibben (accompanied by Naomi Klein, Josh Fox and some badass musicians) to plug into the national movement to divest our campuses from fossil fuels.

Sign up for your free ticket to Do The Math in NYC on 11/16 here!

KyotoNOW! has been rocking our divestment campaign already (and we made the front page of the daily sun last week) and we’re excited for this event to provide students new to divestment the opportunity to engage here on campus and with activists from all over the state and beyond who are working for climate justice! We hope that student attendees will feel inspired by the vast number of student allies who have been launching divestment campaigns nationwide!

It all takes place November 16th in NYC but space on the bus is limited. Secure your spot by signing up here!

Historically, student protests have played a vital role in struggles for social justice; campus activism was instrumental in convincing universities to divest from businesses linked to South African Apartheid. When students made the connection between their university endowments and injustice in South Africa they took action. Students today are re-awakening to this idea as they work to launch campaigns to combat one of our most terrifying global challenges–climate change. And with 14.4 million of us, we can have a big impact!

Over the next few weeks, you can help Cornell Do the Math by checking out our DivestNOW! Cornell facebook page to help us spread the word!

Love and Solidarity,

Board of Trustee Weekend, Cornell students post signs on the arts quad and hand out pamphlets to Trustee members. Learn how to get involved by attending “Do the Math”! (Photo courtesy of K.C. Alvey)


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