The founder of, leader of the Do the Math Tour

Over the summer, Bill McKibben published what became one of the most widely read articles in Rolling Stone’s history: “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”. The resounding success of this article led McKibben and other renowned climate justice activists to launch a revolutionary campaign called Do The Math. As part of this campaign, Bill McKibben joined by Josh Fox and Naomi Klein will be hitting the road and touring 20 cities around the country along with musicians, celebrities, and other activists who are working to take on the fossil fuel industry. Do the Math will be the kick-off point for the fossil fuel divestment movement among universities, churches, and the local governments across the country.  Do the Math will launch the next phase of resistance against climate change and it is calling on students to act as catalysts for fossil fuel divestment at their universities.

Here at Cornell, students have taken the initiative to formulate how the university can be a part of this national movement. With inspiration from the national movement and current climate research, we are drafting a proposal to get Cornell to divest from the fossil fuel industry. This campaign is underway, and quickly building momentum. The information about divestment is circulating through the student body; students are realizing the role they can play in how the endowment is invested, and that it can be a driving force behind larger change.  In this case we are talking about combatting the effects of climate change, but thirty years ago students on college campuses were using divestment to help end Apartheid in South Africa.  Divestment was proven an effective vehicle behind the anti-Apartheid movement and implementing global change.  In the same way, it could be utilized today in the fight against climate change.  It is within our power and responsibility to help secure a safe and stable future for generations to come.

On November 16th the Do The Math tour will make a stop in New York City. This will be an amazing opportunity for members of the community to get informed about divestment and how it can play a role in combatting climate change.  It would be a chance to hear from prominent speakers in the environmental community presenting realistic and up-to-date climate change research and divestment strategy. This type of presentation will be invaluable to our own divestment campaign and undoubtedly generate thought and discussion among attendees concerning our effect on the planet.

Will you support us?

Here’s how we can stand together:


  • Join us on November 16th in New York City at Do The Math. Sign up to get on the bus, car pool, or to drive to the event here: Sign up here!.

  • Donate to our transportation fund to help us secure the funds for a bus that will allow us to bring dozens of students to the tour to be educated and empowered on November 16th. Please donate online at or contact Dennis Fox at and make checks out to KyotoNOW! Cornell (We can really use your support here!)

  • Spread the word to anyone in your community who you know this will be of interest with.  This will be a great event!


We appreciate your support,

In Solidarity,



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