Come support the environment this Thursday (2/7) by coming to the SA meeting at 4:45 and casting your vote in favor of divestment! The audience counts as 2 votes in the SA – so come and make your voice heard! The meeting will be held in the Memorial Room in Willard Straight Hall.

What is divestment?

KyotoNOW!, a environmental student group on campus, has been working to get Cornell to divest from the fossil fuel industry, meaning Cornell’s endowment will no longer be invested in fossil fuel industries.

Why divest?

Divestment is a strong tool that can effect social change. In the 1980s, colleges used divestment to help end the Apartheid in South Africa. Today, we can similarly use divestment to make a statement against the fossil fuel industry and to fight climate change.

Divestment campaigns have gained traction in over 200 campuses in the US as well as in other institutions like churches and cities, including San Francisco and Seattle.

What is the SA voting on?

On Thursday, 2/7, the SA will be voting on a resolution to divest the endowment from fossil fuels. Specifically, the resolution calls for a complete divestment of the endowment from fossil fuels by 2020, and to invest at least 30% of the divested portion in environmentally sustainable industries, such as renewable energy, by 2030.

How can I help?

Show up to the meeting on Thursday! The audience’s vote will count as 2 votes, compared to 27 voting members on the SA, so your support can make a huge difference! Bring friends!


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