University Assembly Ignores Voice of Student Assembly, Faculty Senate, and GPSA in vote

Shared governance has failed us. Despite the overwhelming passages of pro-divestment resolutions in the SA, Faculty Senate, and GPSA and the numerous public comments unanimously supporting divestment, the University Assembly has voted to pass Resolution 16, which explicitly declares against divestment. This is in spite of the clear necessity of bold climate action by such forward-thinking institutions such as universities. It is in spite of the overwhelming evidence that climate change will cause unimaginable damage to the livelihoods of the very people whom it is Cornell’s mission to serve. And it is ignoring the hypocrisy of profiting from the dirty fossil fuel industry while spending millions on campus carbon neutrality, and touting the cutting-edge renewable research done on campus. If you are disappointed by the UA, we most certainly are too. Now is the time to rise up and demand for divestment, because the UA is clearly out of touch with the realities of the climate crisis and the demands of its constituencies. The semester may be almost over, but we will come back this fall stronger than ever and ready to redouble our efforts to fight for divestment.




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