The recent occupation of Bobst Library

KyotoNOW! stands in full solidarity behind the members of NYU Divest and their allies in their occupation at Bobst Library earlier this week. We admire the passion and resiliency of our peers, as they braved the threat of severe disciplinary action in the name of climate justice. It’s a shame that the basic first amendment rights of free speech and assembly should be shunned at our nation’s supposed institutions of progressive thought and leadership. A shame that a university charged with molding leaders to solve society’s problems would threaten to suspend and evict the students who are holding their university to that standard. The 18 student activists may have vacated the elevator at Bobst Library, but their resiliency has inspired leaders across the country to rise up and stand by their side. The climate crisis will not wait, and the time is now for New York University to commit to a vote on divestment from the fossil fuel industry. In the interest of transparency, it is vital that NYU Divest have the opportunity to present their case to the full board of trustees and that after reaching a decision the board release a public rationale. #LeadWithUs #RiseWithUs #NYUDivest #NYU


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