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Cornell Daily Sun, 5/7/14: Cornell University Assembly Votes Against Fossil Fuel Divestment

Cornell Daily Sun, 5/5/14: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Divestment: The Folly of Dismissing Symbolism

Cornell Daily Sun, 5/2/14: Protesters Organize, Declare Death of Shared Governance

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/25/14: Graduate Student Trustee Candidates Talk Platforms

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/9/14: University: Divestment Will Have Minimal Impact

Dissent, 4/9/2014: A Generation’s Call: Voices from the Student Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

Yale Environment 360, 4/2/14: Why the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Will Succeed

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/17/14: CASTLE | Re: Divestment and Its Moral Imperative

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/10/14: LETTER: Divestment Ethics

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/4/14: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Divestment Debate Far From Over

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/4/14: TRUSTEE VIEWPOINT: Divestment: A Need for Better Arguments

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/26/14: Skorton Rejects Faculty Senate Resolution Calling for Divestment

New York Times, 1/29/14: Foundations Band Together to Get Rid of Fossil-Fuel Investments

Ithaca Journal, 1/29/14: Op-ed: Cornell Can Lead on Carbon Neutrality

Cornell Daily Sun, 1/21/14: Urging Cornell to Divest, Faculty Senate Awaits Skorton’s Response

Cornell Chronicle, 12/18/13: Faculty Senate urges fossil fuel divestment

DC Bureau, 12/17/13: Ivy League University Votes To Dump Oil and Gas Investments

Cornell Alumni Magazine, 12/16/13: Faculty Senate Asks Cornell to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Ithaca Journal, 12/15/13: Campus Watch: Cornell faculty seeks fossil fuel divestment

Aljazeera, 12/15/13: Heirs of anti-apartheid movement rise up

EcoWatch, 12/12/13: Students Escalate Divestment Campaign After Universities Refuse to Sell Fossil Fuel Stocks, 12/12/13: Students Turning up the Heat #RejectionDenied, 12/9/13: National Escalation Strategy Team #RejectionDenied

Common Dreams, 12/6/13: After Initial Rejections, Students Escalate Campaign for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Blue & Green Tomorrow, 12/5/13: US academics: fossil fuel divestment reduces long-term financial risks

USA Today, 12/5/13: Students push for fossil fuel endowment divestment

Cornell Daily Sun, 12/4/13: LETTER: Faculty-led divestment from fossil fuels

USA Today, 10/3/13: Students fight climate change, cite personal reasons

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/29/13: Students, Professors Continue Fight to Make Cornell Divest

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/29/13: Kelsey Erickson ’13 Takes on Climate Action Beyond Cornell, 5/2/13: #FossilFreedom Day of Action Kicks off Across the Country

Cornell Daily Sun, 5/2/13: Students Stage ‘Die-In’ to Encourage Cornell to Divest

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/23/13: Mayor Svante Myrick ’09: City of Ithaca to Join Movement for Divestment

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/21/13: Op-Ed: Divestment: Keeping the Dialogue Alive

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/19/13: ‘People’s School’ Takes Arts Quad at Cornell

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/19/13: Cornell Employee Jailed After Environmental Protest

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/17/13: Cornell Student Trustee Candidates Share Stances on Divestment, Greek Life

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/15/13: VIDEO: Student Divestment Debate 4/10/13

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/15/13: SKORTON: Divestment: A Complicated Issue for Universities

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/11/13: Students Debate Potential Benefits, Risks of Divestment on Cornell

The Dartmouth, 4/8/13: Daily Debriefing, 4/5/13: PHOTO ROUND-UP: National Victories Build Power to #DivestNOW!

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/5/13: Skorton: Cornell Will Not Divest in “Immediate” Future

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/1/13: VIDEO: Students Call for Divestment at Trustee Meeting, 3/29/13: Cornell Students Present to Trustees

Cornell Chronicle, 3/28/13: Students advocate for sustainable investments to trustees

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/28/13: Chief Investment Officer: Divestment May Hurt Cornell’s Endowment

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/12/13: GLICK: Far Beyond Cayuga’s Waters

Tompkins Weekly, 3/11/13: Fossil Fuel Investments Targeted, 3/5/13: We Marched Forth on #March4th for Climate Justice #DivestNow

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/5/13: Students Deliver Letters to Skorton, Demand That Cornell Divest

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/1/13: Protesters: ‘Do the Right Thing’: Students, faculty call on Cornell to divest from fuels

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/26/13: Op-Ed: The Case for Divestment

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/22/13: LURIE-SPICER: If I Can’t Dance, It’s Not My Revolution!

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/21/13: VIDEO: Cornellians Protest Keystone XL Pipeline in Washington D.C.

The Ithacan, 2/20/13: Students rally for environmental justice at nation’s capital

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/19/13: Cornell Students Join Tens of Thousands of Protesters in Environmental Rally in D.C.

Common Dreams, 2/11/13: At Cornell and Tufts, Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Gains Ground

The Daily Dartmouth, 2/11/13: Daily Debriefing

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/11/13: VIDEO: Student Assembly Passes Divestment Resolution

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/8/13: Student Assembly Urges Cornell to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/8/13: Op-Ed: Divestment: Resolution Passes, Fight Continues

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/4/13: Ithacans Step Up Fracking Protests

Cornell Daily Sun, 1/31/13: Op-Ed: Let’s Practice What We Preach: Divest Now

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/19/12: Op-Ed: Any Person, Any Profit?

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/13/12: Op-Ed: Choosing Survival, 11/7/12: From Fracking to Divestment- Doing the Math After the Election, 11/5/12: Students #ConnectTheDots between #Hurricane #Sandy and Climate Change; call to #DivestNow

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/2/12: Letter to the Editor: The Path Toward Sustainability

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/30/12: Op-Ed: Freak Storms and Fossil Fuels

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/26/12: Student Organization Urges Cornell to Divest Endowment From Fossil Fuels, 10/11/12: Cornell Students #Divest Fossil Fuels with Teach-in and Solidarity Action with #ICDivest

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/10/12: Op-Ed: Fracking- There Is No Objective Role

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/5/12: Cornell Students Rally at Don’t Frack New York, 4/16/12: Cornell Film Screening Shows the True Power of Renewable Energy, 3/22/12: Cornell’s History Informs Divest Fossil Fuels Campaign

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/7/12: Cornell Student Groups Gather for Sustainability Summit, 11/11/11: Yes We Did Stop the Pipeline- On to the Fight to End Hydraulic Fracturing, Nov 21

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/11/11: Letter to the Editor: Yes we did stop the pipeline, 11/9/11: 24-Year-Old Svante Myrick Elected as Mayor of Ithaca, Building Clean Energy Economy

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/8/11: Cornellians Protest Keystone XL Pipeline in Washington DC

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/2/11: To Build or Not to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline, 10/27/11: To Our Professors, Mentors, and Advisors at Cornell: Join the Tar Sands Action on November 6th

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/12/11: Cornell Professors Say XL Pipeline May Stall U.S. Job Creation, 10/12/11: Cornell Students Rally to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/12/11: Cornellians Join ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/6/11: LTE: Drilling down — why we need to stick to the facts on fracking

Cornell Daily Sun Video, 9/29/11: \”Moving Planet\” Rally and Flash Mob, 9/23/11: Open Letter from Cornell Students to President Skorton on Moving Planet

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/6/11: Six Cornellians Arrested in D.C. Protest

Tompkins Weekly, 5/9-5/15/11: Impact of Power Shift Ripples Outward

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/22/11: Rechanneling Energy

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/21/11: Students Protest Fracking a Year After BP Oil Spill

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/20/11: Cornell Students Nearly Arrested at Power Shift

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/20/11: KyotoNOW! Celebrates 10 Years of Activism

We Are Power Shift, 4/8/11: Ithaca Students Demand More from their Elected Officials and Hold Youth Training Workshop

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/5/10: C.U. Student Campaign Against Offshore Drilling Exceeds Expectations

Cornell Daily Sun, 6/10/10: Students, Community Sound Off in Hydrofracking Debate

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/20/10: Groups Work Together to Fight Hydrofracking

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/18/10: International Corporation Invests In Marcellus Shale Despite Controversy

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/17/10: Cornell Looks Ahead To Greener Future

Cornell Daily Sun, 1/21/10: Univ. Officials: No Plans to Lease Cornell Land for Gas Drilling

Cornell Chronicle, 12/2/09: \’No fracking way,\’ chant protestors at anti-drilling rally

Cornell Daily Sun, 12/2/09: Students Note Issues with Past Cases of Hydrofracking in Protest

Cornell Daily Sun, 12/2/09: Univ. Meeting Reviews Environmental Impact

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/12/09: Faculty Debate Gas Drilling

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/8/09: Cornell\’s Grade Drops on Green Report Card

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/16/09: C.U. Plans for Carbon Neutrality

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/23/09: Groups Use Earth Day To Inform Passersby

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/22/09: Cornellians Past and Present Act on Earth Day

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/17/08: Student Leaders Brainstorm for Carbon Neutral Campus

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/5/08: Election Excitement Grips C.U., Ithaca

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/1/08: C.U. Receives \’B+\’ Grade on Sustainability Report Card

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/29/08: KyotoNOW! Urges That University Consider Energy in Election

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/23/08: Student Groups Hold Earth Day Celebration

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/29/08: Skorton Honors Cornell’s Pledge of Sustainability

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/28/08: Sustainability Must Start With the Obvious

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/1/08: Activists Host Teach-Ins to Discuss Global Warming Threat

Cornell Daily Sun, 12/26/07: Cornell Joins Solar Energy Consortium

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/28/07: Painting Our Campus Green

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/7/07: Students Lobby in Washington

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/2/07: Focus of Campus Activism Shifts

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/26/07: University Receives ‘B’ on Sustainability Report Card

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/25/07: Cornell Celebrates Sustainability Day

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/21/07: University Maintains Climate Commitment

Cornell Chronicle, 5/9/07: In pursuit of a sustainable campus, panelists agree that energy reduction and greater efficiencies will not be enough

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/24/07: Greenberg \’08 Discusses S.A. Plans

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/23/07: Earth Day Brings Out C.U. Activism

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/12/07: Students Support New Renewable Energy Fee

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/5/07: Your Inconvenient Truth

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/28/07: Hub Announces Sustainability Coalition

Cornell Chronicle, 2/27/07: David Skorton signs President’s Climate Commitment

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/26/07: Green Energy Referendum

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/23/07: Skorton Commits C.U. To Climate Neutrality

Inside Higher Ed, 2/21/07: Signing (or Not) a Green Pledge

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/13/07: C.U. May Become Climate Neutral

Cornell Chronicle, 2/13/07:  Skorton, saying he will consider making Cornell ‘climate neutral,’ forms committee to report by Feb. 23 

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/9/07: S.A. Passes KyotoNow! Resolution on Energy

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/5/07: Sign It, Skorton

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/2/07: KyotoNow! Demands Climate Action From Skorton

Cornell Daily Sun, 1/29/07: Leaders, Losers, Liars

Cornell Chronicle, 12/22/06: Solar panels on Day Hall will make enough electricity to light the clock tower

(PDF document, 240 K) 11/06: Campus Sustainability News

Cornell Daily Sun, 5/3/05: C.U. Ends Wind Power Study

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/6/05: Cornell Defends Wind Turbines

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/16/05: Cornell Studies Pros, Cons to Wind Power

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/17/05: Students Celebrate Kyoto Victory

Cornell Daily Sun, 9/21/04: Kyoto Now! Fights Global Climate Change, Pollution

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/22/04: Earth Day Celebrations Take Place on Campus

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/24/03: Wind Power at Cornell?

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/15/03: Kyoto Now! Launches Wind Power Campaign

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/28/02: Kyoto Now! Campaigns For Student Coalition

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/25/02: C.U. Makes Changes to Save Energy

Cornell Chronicle, 3/14/02: Meeting Kyoto: A flick of the switch can help reduce energy consumption

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/6/02: Kyoto Now, Cornell When?

Cornell Daily Sun, 2/27/02: Kyoto Now! Group Expands Its Goals

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/18/01: Kyoto Now! Campaign Urges Quicker Action

Cornell Daily Sun, 10/22/01: Cornell Greens Attend Second ECO Conference

Cornell News, 4/17/01: Cornell administration reaches agreement with Cornell Kyoto Now! students

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/17/01: Kyoto Now! Protest Ends

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/16/01: Kyoto Agreement On Hold; More Negotiations Planned

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/15/01: Administrators Meet Today on Kyoto Now!

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/12/01: Ivy Schools Confer on Kyoto Now!

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/12/01: Environmental Protests Grow

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/11/01: Kyoto Now! Marches on Day Hall, Conducts Sit-in

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/11/01: Kyoto Later?

Cornell Daily Sun, 4/10/01: School leaders support Kyoto Now!

Cornell Daily Sun, 3/5/01: C.U. Environmentalists Promote Kyoto Protocol

Cornell Daily Sun, 11/15/00: Cornell Greens Will Travel to the Netherlands


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